Royalton Antigua Review

Royalton Antigua beckons the discerning traveller who wants to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. Indulge in an exquisite retreat with exclusive service, stylish architecture and varied and delicious cuisine. Royalton Antigua lies on the coast below the imposing watchful eyes of historical Fort Barrington. It was here that a former Portuguese settlement known as Fort Motu was built. Now, it is the perfect destination for beach lovers, nature lovers and adventurers. Royalton Antigua offers a glimpse into Caribbean culture at its best.

The luxury accommodations in this hotel make you feel like a king or a queen. Each room has been personally furnished with superior service and intimate interiors. The five star amenities that are offered at the Royalton Antigua include: oversized indoor Jacuzzi, marble tubs, steam sauna, wood fireplace, overhead viewing windows, round the clock room service and daily continental breakfast. The premium level hotels in this establishment also offer: private decks and balconies, gourmet cuisine, an on-site fitness center, a spa and a health club. If you want to experience authentic British hospitality, you should consider staying at Royalton Antigua. The friendly services, top amenities and fine dining will certainly leave a lasting impression on you.

In order to fully experience the grandeur of this establishment, you should take some time out to sample some of the delectable dishes served in the dining establishments here. The best dishes can be found at the Royalton Antigua, where fine dining, high quality accommodation and unique service features are combined. You can satisfy your hunger at the cafeteria, where you will also get some mouth-watering dishes. In case you are looking for a good place to relax, you can choose the Royalton Antigua’s spas or relaxation rooms.

A variety of dining options are available at the Royalton Antigua including the following: Signature cocktails, three-dotted French cuisine, dim sum tequila dinner reservations, sushi bar, full service bar, cocktail bar, all-inclusive French patio dining, Creole cuisine and so much more. The fine dining options offer: appetizers, main courses, deserts and salad choices. For the perfect romantic getaway, you can also choose the Royalton Antigua’s intimate room service or wine cellar. The plush rooms ensure that your stay in Antigua will be comfortable and worth remembering.

One of the most popular aspects of the Royalton Antigua resort is that it caters to all types of budgets. There are various activities on offer that will not only make your trip to Antigua more enjoyable but will also help you achieve your all-inclusive resort expectations. The Royalton Antigua’s all-inclusive resort includes a well-developed international airport and numerous transportation options. You can choose from three different international airports in order to reach Antigua including the British Virgin Islands’ Port Antonio International Airport and the Bahamas’ Port Charlotte International Airport.

The all-inclusive offers at the Royalton Antigua resort are exceptionally affordable and are designed with the individual needs of each client in mind. If you want a relaxing, luxurious and all-inclusive Caribbean experience, you should consider the all-inclusive offers offered by the Royalton Antigua. You can even arrange to have a resort room on the beach or in the club lounge. You will not need to leave the resort to have fun because everything you need, from transportation to dining, is provided for you. The all-inclusive resort plans offered by the Royalton Antigua are unique and extremely effective Caribbean travel deals that can allow you to plan your Caribbean vacation in style and with less stress.

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